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DRS offers a service to help scan and protect your business’s assets.

Transitioning to, or implementing a cloud solution or strategy can seem daunting. We assist in helping the business leverage innovation to deliver agility, driving results. We will assist in helping you select the right cloud solutions that are best suited to your organisational needs. What are the best practices for security? The reality is, it's likely that there are departments within your organisation that have already adopted one or more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions. So, how do you secure and leverage cloud computing solutions to create and adopt a successful strategy? By using effective methodologies that incorporate best practices in planning, deployment and operation can help lay the foundation for your cloud solution deployment and management.

The key security constructs (on the basis of which security policies will be defined and enforced) are infrastructure, information, identity, and end-user devices. Residing on a combination of public/private/hybrid clouds and on-premise virtualised infrastructure, workloads are decoupled from their underlying infrastructure. In the perimeter enterprise, flexible and secure information controls require policies that use rich information classification models, federated identities, and context-based authorisation.

Key security and risk management concerns that are barriers to adoption of cloud computing include the following:

  • Risk assessment: Which clouds and devices are your sensitive data residing in?
  • Governance: How do you achieve compliance (e.g. PCI) in an environment where your information and applications are distributed across many clouds?
  • Managing entitlements: Who has access to your sensitive data, from which devices, and from which locations? Is this access permitted, and would you have visibility of when it is exercised?
  • Devices: Are employee devices sufficiently secured to access corporate data and applications?

DRS offers:

  • CAAS – Compliance as a Service.
  • MSSP – Managed Security Services, leveraging cloud infrastructure and leading global vendor security analysis.
  • Mobility – leveraging world class solutions in the cloud to deliver agility without the overhead.
  • Monitoring services – comprehensive visibility into infrastructure, managed 24×7 with SLA’s.
  • MESS – Managed Endpoint Security as a Service.
  • WSS – Web Security as a Service.
  • AAS – Application Security as a Service.
  • Virtual security strategies.

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DRS provides specialist services designed to help you effectively manage your modern security environment. While the importance of cybersecurity in today’s business environment is intensifying, organisations are having to deal with new challenges in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Among these are increasingly tight budgets and a lack of skills. Many organisations are therefore looking for partners that can provide the skills and services needed to complement their strengths, and alleviate their weaknesses. No matter how good your policies and procedures may be, and no matter what or how many security products you throw at the problem, your staff will remain your weakest link unless you find a way to educate them about the threats out there. With 21 years’ worth of experience and highly skilled teams of specialists, DRS provides services designed to help align your business and information security.

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Behavioural Analytics are analytics that businesses use that focus on consumer trends, patterns, and activities. Humans are typically creatures of habit and our use of the internet is no different. Through developing and deploying analytics that baselines an individual’s behaviours and trends, companies are able to personalise marketing efforts, improve the customer experience, and even alter product offerings to suit a customer’s particular tastes. However, Behavioral Analytics don’t need to be limited to just analysing customer behaviours. Applying them to cybersecurity can determine the difference between a major breach and warding off an attack.

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Early Detection and Response (EDR) helps you confidently answer the question: “Is my data under attack?” The DRS solution focuses on collecting and analysing behavioural data, meaning it doesn’t focus on what the data is, it focuses on the behaviours and motivations behind the data. This enables the solution to spot suspicious activities that would otherwise be overlooked.

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DevSecOps has extended the principles of Agile software development beyond the deployment of product (software code) to include the services provided by IT operations after the product deploys. The practice combines development and operations — from the design and development stages of the Agile SDLC all the way to production support in IT operations. DevSecOps is not just about tools or about automating tasks using software. Automation is a core DevSecOps value, and it is essential to Agile development practices, including continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our application security experts use a combination of automated tools and manual tests to identify vulnerabilities in the application, estimate the probability of them being exploited, and provide a risk profile for the application components. Drawing on their knowledge and experience, our analysts exploit logical errors in the application, as well as coding errors, to gain entry. They also consider the potential impact of any problems – and help you find ‘proportionate’ solutions.

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DRS offers the skills and tools necessary to conduct digital forensic analysis across various Operating Systems. Our discovery solutions include large-scale searches or audits, and our lab provides large-scale investigation and processing. DRS recovers digital evidence from mobile devices under forensically sound conditions, using accepted methods. This would involve analysing SIM cards, memory cards and the handset itself. Our forensic analysis of mobile phones can be carried out on various forms of data, including SMS's, images, videos and audio files. DRS provides forensic duplication that ensures every bit on the source is retained, including deleted files. This ensures the data can act as admissible evidence in court proceedings.

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Our experts work in co-operation with risk and security teams to identify problems, design and implement solutions to protect data and systems, detect adverse ‘cyber events’ and ensure effective response and recovery. Consultants with decades of experience, they will help you and your employees manage the challenges of increasingly complex technologies and security systems – developing cyber resilience.

We can help with all aspects of IT security – from the development of effective management systems to forensic investigation of information security breaches. We advise on:

  • PA DSS Services
  • PCI DSS Services
  • PSD2 Services
  • GDPR Services
  • Blockchain Services
  • IT Risk Management
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Assurance Services:

We assess your cybersecurity risks across the three core organisational dimensions – technology, processes and people. The risk landscape is changing as technologies, cyber criminals and hacktivisits become smarter, and the financial penalties for security failures increase. Our Assurance Services provide an ‘early warning system’ by testing for vulnerabilities in software, hardware and processes.
They enable you to take action to prevent costly security breaches, and help you prove to shareholders and stakeholders that you won’t put confidential or sensitive data at unnecessary risk.

The short answer, we look at risk across the three core dimensions of an organisation: Technology, processes, people.

We will take a holistic approach – and we’ll recommend solutions to help you become cyber resilient.

The longer answer:

  • ICS Security Assessment
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

Download PDFs below:

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PCI DSS Services.pdf 
Swift CSP Services.pdf 
GDPR Services.pdf 
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IT Risk Management.pdf 
Vulnerability Assessment.pdf 
Information Systems Audit.pdf 
ICS Security Assessment.pdf 
Application Security Assessment.pdf 
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In order to defend against fraudulent activity, it is important to understand the different types of crimes that can be perpetrated against your business. These can include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Bank Fraud
  • Theft of Classified Information

We run tests and carry out audits that help protect data and prevent fraud. We have a wide range of services that also includes staff training on fraud and security risks, as well as multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and remediation. We help customers develop the organisational understanding to manage fraud risk, and then to develop and implement the appropriate safeguards. We help identify fraud, and take the appropriate actions to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired as a result of it. Our skill set and experience enable them to assist in building and maintaining a secure network, protecting data and implementing strong access control measures. We help maintain a vulnerability management programme, as well as the vital security policies necessary to help stop fraud in its tracks.

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While the importance of cyber security in today’s business environment is intensifying, organisations are having to deal with new challenges in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Among these are increasingly tight budgets and a lack of skills. Many organisations are therefore looking for partners that can provide the skills and services needed to complement their strengths, and alleviate their weaknesses. 


The protection of information is critical in today’s threatened landscape, where it equals revenue. Understanding data breaches, accompanied by significant statistics relating to financial loses and the integrity of company brand value, allowing us to help you get a better understanding of what is at stake. At DRS we pride ourselves in being able to assist our clients to manage the governance and assurance techniques required to enable you to deal with the issue of protecting your company’s information, as well as understanding the lifecycle and flow of intellectual property.

We focus on:

  • Data protection across the organisation: Network or endpoint.
  • Encryption.
  • Device control.
  • Application control.
  • Prevention readiness.
  • Monitoring.
  • User behavioural changes.
  • Reporting and business DLP success metrics.
  • Ongoing services to empower clients.


Download PDFs below:

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We have partnered with global managed digital security service providers to offer extensive malicious code analysis expertise, powered by the Counter Threat Unit research team. Using advanced computer forensic tools and techniques, our experts thoroughly dissect malware from a security incident to determine its functionality, purpose, composition and source. Our security experts provide a brief technical document outlining the results of their analysis. We offer an opinion on the malware code’s potential impact to your organisation, and its effect on your networks, systems and information assets. Most importantly, our experts will detail recommendations for malware removal and recovery activities.

Anti-malware focus and analysis drives:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Unsurpassed protection.
  • Unwavering support capabilities.
  • Service level agreements that deliver results.
  • Customer security maturity strategies.
  • Customer partnership models.


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