Core Cyber Services

DRS offers services and technology to scan and protect your business’ assets.


Although the vast majority of businesses today are aware of the dangers of cybercrime, too many are not effective at preventing breaches and other security events. Only a combination of products and services build cyber resilience. DRS, together with our vendor partners, provide the tools and the knowledge you need to secure your environment. Using the NIST Framework, we follow best practices in managing cybersecurity-related risk to help you detect, recover, respond and protect.

Tailor Made Services

While the importance of cybersecurity in today’s business environment is getting more advanced, businesses are having to deal with new challenges in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals and amongst these are increasingly tight budgets and a lack of skills. Some businesses are lacking in service providers that can offer the skills and services needed to complement their strengths and alleviate their weaknesses. With 20 years’ worth of experience and highly skilled teams of specialists, DRS provides services designed to give tailormade solutions to the client’s needs providing the best in information security.

Digital Forensics

Computer Analysis

Analysing and recovering data from the multiple devices used today such as servers, smartphones, wearables, printers, PCs, laptops or any device that stores electronic information, is essential to building an effective case against cyber criminals.

DRS offers the skills and tools necessary to conduct digital forensic analysis across Mac, Linux and Windows Operating Systems. Our discovery solutions included large-scale searches or audits, and our lab provides large-scale investigation and processing. We specialise in the recovery of all lost or deleted data, decryption of data passwords, analysis of internet activities, and e-mail analysis. Our specialists provide physical and/or electronic reporting, reconstructing what events have taken place, and will appear as an expert witness in court.

Our digital forensics experts will track and build a case against the perpetrators of cyber crime. Using a variety of digital forensic tools and techniques, we will identify and collect all the data related to the incident, and then analyse and securely store all information to avoid tampering. Our skills, experience and the tools we use ensure the integrity of the forensic processes meets the necessary standards for assuring the reliability of the digital evidence in court.

Mobile Analysis

DRS recovers digital evidence from mobile devices under forensically sound conditions, using accepted methods. Using technologically advanced extraction, our forensics experts decode, analyse and report on the data found on a wide range of smartphones, legacy and feature phones, tablets and GPS devices. Most of the time this can even include deleted and hidden data.

We analyse SIM cards, memory cards and the phone handset itself. Our forensic analysis of mobile phones can be carried out on various forms of data, including text messages, images, videos and audio. In addition to data analysis, we provide data recovery as well as malware scans and analysis.


In order to defend against fraudulent activity, it is vital to understand the different types of crimes that can be perpetrated against the client’s business. DRS runs tests and carries out audits that help protect data and prevent fraud. We have a wide range of services which also includes staff training on fraud and security risks, as well as multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and remediation. We assist clients to develop the organisational understanding in order to manage fraud risk, and to implement the appropriate safeguards. DRS helps identify fraud and take the appropriate actions to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired as a result. DRS’ skills and experience enables the company to assist in building and maintaining a secure network, protecting data and implementing strong access control measures. DRS helps to maintain a vulnerability management programme, as well as the vital security policies necessary to help prevent fraud as it is happening.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

DRS delivers Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives that incorporate security at a strategic level. By understanding the client’s requirements, we ensure the achievement of the quickest results, which can be measured regularly and guarantee the route to compliance has been followed accordingly. We have incorporated a consultative approach, with skilled consultants delivering a service that provides continuous reporting, making the journey to compliance an easier one for the client.

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