Awareness and Training Services

Awareness & training

Genuine behaviour design efforts need to take place more than just once a year. To really look at shaping an effective security awareness culture, an organisation needs to go beyond annual awareness training to deliver messages that engage its users.At DRS we recognise that we are in a serious battle for the users’ attention – they have many pressing issues on their minds rather than the importance of security issues, and we can’t overwhelm them with security messages. Our messages must stick in their minds even though we can’t reach out to them too often.

There are ways to accomplish the goal of creating content that sticks in the mind of the users. Research shows genuine emotional engagement – laughter, fear, surprise – creates lasting memories through short, effective interactions. Most awareness content does little to actually engage the emotions of our users. This is usually why most awareness campaigns are ineffective.

DRS has engaged a global leader in the field of security behavior design, to ensure customers get maximum returns from their investment in the very component that stands to cause the greatest security challenge - THE HUMAN.

DRS delivers this through multiple mechanisms:

  • Cultural assessment
  • User awareness training
  • Role based training, and
  • Advanced awareness content.