IT Risk, Governance & Compliance


Every day, organisations make countless business decisions aimed to boost organisational performance. Unfortunately, most of these decisions are made without knowing the real trade-offs against risk exposure. DRS, through its leading solutions from Agiliance, enables organisations to leverage the knowledge of risk to optimize performance and investment decisions.

DRS covers the three major layers of enterprise GRC solution architecture:

  • Enterprise governance, policy, and risk management
  • Compliance management, reporting, and audit
  • Information security management and orchestration

The DRS and Agiliance value proposition is built on the following:

  • Close loop risk automation
  • Built to scale
  • Time to value

GO AHEAD! Rethink enterprise risk management:

  • Adopt and harmonise all leading risk frameworks
  • Use risk catalogues to develop risk registers by Business Unit (BU) and enterprise-wide
  • Manage and track vulnerabilities at appropriate ownership levels
  • Map risks to controls and policies for real-time measurement
  • Calculate (standard and custom inherent), current and residual risks
  • Determine the financial impact of investment for risk mitigations

Leveraging the DRS and Agiliance Enterprise Risk Manager application so you can:

  • Collaborate among business / mission staff, operations, and security
  • Provide real-time context and visualization of your risk posture
  • Correlate and prioritise risks to automate remediation actions
  • Present KRI trends and analytics to your C-suite and Board

DRS is focused on the evolution of risk management. Agiliance is the catalyst for change.

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