Security Strategy Formulation

With many years experience in the information security sector, and the deep expertise we have formed through working with a large volume of clients across multiple industries, DRS has developed the knowledge to understand your vision and create a security strategy that supports your business. From early assessment, through to systems deployment, daily operations, remediation and upgrades, we can help you develop a security strategy that enables your businesses potential.

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We do this by:

Assessing your business:

Over the past 17 years, DRS has built up a methodology of best practices to examine your entire organisation (or components thereof) in order to ensure that you are protected from any historical or current threats. In addition, our best practices will assist in optimising your underperforming security components to identify whether the right architecture and policies are in place.

Alignment of common information security objectives across business units:

We ensure that all information security methodologies and practices are aligned across all business units. This will result in your organisation developing a clearer understanding of your common direction, in line with your overall information security strategy and risk profile.

Designing your security roadmap:

DRS consults and advises on the development of three to five year information security roadmaps in accordance with your risk frameworks. This helps you make quick and clear decisions regarding the adoption of strategies such as cloud,mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), office productivity and automation, communication convergence, network infrastructure, datacentres, virtualization and more.

Identifying cost reduction opportunities:

We have the ability to view your environments objectively, identify the gaps in your current deployment, and advise on ways to optimise them.