Vulnerability Management

DRS actively or passively canvasses all IP-enabled devices on your network, providing you with the ability to uncover devices hidden on your network as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that come and go between scheduled scans. What you haven’t been seeing or scanning will surprise you — and could be jeopardising your compliance.

Our approach leverages technology to quickly identify gaps and highlight remediation steps. If it has an IP address or is using your network, DRS’s solution and service can discover and assess it, automatically or on a schedule, revealing the compliance of all assets on your network.


We focus on:

  • Priority-based auditing and remediation
  • Active and passive network protection
  • Proof of “not vulnerable”
  • New threat identification and correlation
  • Policy auditing and compliance assessments
  • Flexible reporting
  • Broad and deep content coverage, and
  • Deep guided asset discovery capabilities.