Network Access Control

network access control

Network Access Control (NAC) enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of network endpoints to help prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can leave your network and organisation vulnerable, and expose your business to potential harm.

We have partnered with Trustwave, a leader in NAC deployments in Africa, in order to ensure that our customers have access to the best NAC solutions available. DRS works exclusively with Trustwave’s unique and patented NAC solutions which are designed to protect networks of all sizes, providing critical advantages to organisations, including:

  • Full life-cycle protection for all endpoints, managed and unmanaged
  • Agentless network access control, combined with zero-day threat prevention and automated policy enforcement, and
  • Network intelligence that provides a unified view of endpoint activity, delivering powerful analysis of your network’s history and usage.

Strongly supported by implementation and SLA services, DRS will work with you to deliver against the toughest challenges in this area, ensuring:

  • Identity
  • Compliance
  • Behaviour