Mobility BYOD service


We have experience in partnering with our customers in investigative strategies around enabling their workforce through BYOD. The “customer workspace” approach to BYOD is secure, cost-effective, extends to various apps, and drives user satisfaction. It allows IT departments to configure, monitor, and control enterprise data and access across the mobile device without compromising the native user experience.

The “walled garden”, or container, approach to BYOD focuses heavily on security, and allows users to access only the portions of the corporate network that they are entitled to.

BYOD programs introduce new variables for IT departments and therefore, new types of risk. These variables include:

  • Encryption
  • Identity
  • Selective wipe of corporate data
  • Privacy
  • Mail forwarding
  • Risks pertaining to saved attachments on personal devices
  • Malicious action
  • User co-operation

DRS’s BYOD adoption assessment, together with a clear understanding of our business requirements, ensures that we enable your business while guaranteeing staff satisfaction and better productivity and network security.