Application Security

Building application security into your application lifecycle management has become a necessity most organisations have yet to grasp. The key reason for this is that a large percentage of all breaches occur through vulnerabilities in applications developed by customers.

We believe application security in the development lifecycle is the birthplace of security best practice in any organisation. Our ability to proactively assist you at this important stage of the lifecycle means we are a step further in the real evolution to protecting your data.

We understand the anatomy of the attack. The persistent ability of cyber criminals to target and infiltrate networks poses many challenges in today’s application-rich environments. It is for this reason that securing and protecting any source code makes sense in the long term.

Application Security

DRS drives risk mitigation for customers by:

  • Partnering with global providers of technology to automate their security
  • Addressing immediate security issues in software you’ve already deployed
  • Reducing systemic risk in software you’re developing or acquiring from vendors
  • Meeting compliance goals for internal and external security mandates
  • Offering Static Analysis, also known as Static Application Security Testing (SAST), as well as Dynamic Analysis, also known as Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)