Cyber crime is a well-known threat, and individuals and businesses the world over all have protective measures in place to defend their networks against these criminals. But there are far worse offenders out there on the Internet than those looking to steal banking login details: individuals who view, source and/or distribute child sexual abuse images.

While we may think that this crime is limited to a tiny number of sick individuals, the statistics tell a different story: the UN estimates that 750 000 people are looking at child sexual abuse content online at any given time.

It was to fight this evil that NetClean was formed in 2003 with the idea of making use of the latest technical inventions to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material. Today, NetClean's products have millions of users worldwide. Law Enforcement in more than 30 countries uses NetClean Analyze to conduct their investigations.

We have partnered with NetClean in the fight against the proliferation of child sexual abuse images in South Africa. We will be assisting ISPs, companies, and law enforcement to stop the handling, downloading or distribution of child sexual abuse content through the distribution of the company’s three products: NetClean Proactive, NetClean Analyze, and NetClean WhiteBox.

NetClean ProActive

Software to scan, identify and block child sexual abuse images and videos in real-time.

By comparing existing imagery, NetClean ProActive can stop a single photo or video, both from internet and USB devices in contrast to webfilters that only block prohibited addresses.

  • Effectively blocks child sexual abuse images and videos, even on USB-devices
  • Installs easily throughout your entire company’s network
  • Protects
  • An automatic solution saves your resources
  • Strengthens the company brand

NetClean ProActive Appliance

Hardware based on NetClean FileDNA to block child sexual abuse content in network streams.

NetClean ProActive Appliance (NPA) is a stand-alone appliance that blocks the access, viewing and sharing of child sexual abuse content on networks, regardless of source and network protocol.
The appliance compares all images with those classified by law enforce­ment using the NetClean FileDNA technology to ensure that only child sexual abuse images are blocked. Its unique architecture enables it to quickly and accurately block child sexual abuse content without impact­ing bandwidth with the possibility to stop both the downloading and sharing of illegal files.

  • Scans the files with the NetClean FileDNA technology.
  • Strengthens the company brand
  • Blocks both downloading and sharing of illegal files
  • Network protocol independent, e.g. FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and Windows file sharing
  • Handles all TCP and UDP based protocols

NetClean Analyze

Investigation tool for law enforcement authorities.

The NetClean Analyze Suite is a product family especially designed for law enforcement agencies working with child sexual abuse material. NetClean Analyze is designed to improve speed and minimise human effort when examining seized data. It enables efficient categorisation and identification of child sexual abuse images and videos, and creates a good basis for the prosecutor.

  • Saves investigation time
  • Saves the investigator’s eyes
  • Identifies abused children more easily
  • Improves the quality of the investigation
  • Free of charge for law enforcement agencies and hotlines

NetClean WhiteBox

Blocking of child sexual abuse web sites, for ISP & Carriers

A router-based solution for block­ing child sexual abuse content URLs in high performance net­works without affecting the ISP-core. Available as a cloud service from NetClean or as an appliance setup, the NetClean WhiteBox System is de­signed for ISPs and carriers who wishe to block access to web sites containing child sexual abuse content. The system can be used to block unwanted web access throughout networks or even groups of networks such as across mul­tiple ISPs within a country or a region.

  • 100% accurate, can match whole URLs
  • No overblocking
  • Does not affect the performance of the network
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Centrally managed for the whole network
  • The possibility to share one appliance among several ISPs
  • Available as a cloud service or as an appliance