DRS new "free" value added services

3D Security Assessments

DRS, together with Checkpoint, provides a comprehensive security analysis that helps you identify and reduce IT risks by summarising network-wide security events, their specific risks, and then provides feedback on remediation.

3D analysis in detail

Monitors networks for high and critical security events:

  • Identifies risky applications being used
  • Detects infected hosts infected with bots and viruses
  • Summarises security events and necessary actions

Identifies dangerous IPS and DLP events:

  • CIFS worms and directory attacks
  • Denial of Service vulnerabilities
  • Credit card numbers and customer names

Offers remediation to reduce risk profiles:

  • Provides summaries about security incidents and vulnerabilities for remediation
  • Identifies source of threats or data loss

Solution Maturity Assessments

DRS provides certified staff to work with you and your team to determine if the investment made in solutions is being leveraged, ensuring your organisation is maximising investments. This process will also provide a report, highlighting any shortcoming against your desired state or industry best practices.

EPO Maturity Assessments

DRS provides certified resources to work with you and your team to determine if your current EPO installation is achieving the desired function in the business. This is complemented by a plan to ensure the solution is been leveraged to its best ability.

30-Day “ Free” PCI Assessment

Agiliance CCS for PCI, can achieve the following benefits:

  • Certify 61% faster
  • Save over 50% in costs
  • Remove audit fatigue
  • Improve reputation
  • Achieve real-time monitoring of PCI compliance status
  • Provide current documentation, evidence and reports for both internal resources as well as external consultants (e.g., Qualified Data Security Companies and Qualified Security Assessor).

“ Free “ Application security quick check:

HP Fortify provides a great “free” service which will enable you to upload your code and run a few good checks to give you a basic view of risks that may exist in the code: https://www.fortifymyapp.com/

These services are designed to ensure DRS has the ability to understand your current security state and provide your business with the best possible advice to secure your environment…. Contact our sales division to schedule a “free” assessment.